Wow! Lots of chiming in from the Mazan Movie Club this week. Everyone seems to love this movie and think it should be way higher than #76. Dave Loughman, Rick Ramos and the Irish Critic join Steve & Denise as we try and find anything wrong with Braveheart.

Do we care about Mel Gibson’s off-screen personae?

Shoud Gibson be in the best director’s list with Kubrick, Spielberg, Scorcese, Wilder and others?

Was Mel too old to be playing Wallace in this movie?

Why the hell did Wallace have sex with the princess?

What IS the best line in this movie?

Do movies need to worry about historical accuracy?

All this and more is discussed on this week’s episode.

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Rick Ramos and his Podcast

Rick Ramos returns! He joins Steve, Denise and the Irish Critic to discuss Fritz Lang’s disturbing and groundbreaking 1931 film “M”

Was this the precursor to CSI, Film Noir, Heat, and the anti-hero?

Does Denise like any B&W movies?

Were there conscious allusions to the Nazi movement in the film?

Did this pigeonhole Peter Lorre?

Was Fritz Lang a masochist?

All these questions and a lot more get covered on the shortest titled movie on our list.


“M” on IMDB

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Rick Ramos and his Podcast

The Irish Critic (Jackie Mazan) joins Steve & Denise for a full episode. “Requiem for a Dream” inspires her to hint at her own drug usage. Did she get as bad as Ellen Burstyn?

Does the Irish Critic have both arms?

Is Ellen Burstyn as good in this as Deniro was in “Raging Bull”?

Did Julia Roberts rob Ellen Burstyn?

Is this movie re-watchable?

Is this 2000’s “Manchester by the Sea”

How come celebrities only come around when Denise isn’t around?

All these questions and more get covered on this week’s episode of the Mazan Movie Club talking about Darren Aaronofsky’s dark masterpiece.

“Requiem for a Dream” on IMDB

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2001’s Amelie hits the Mazan Movie Club. Comedian (and Dr.) Laura Hayden joins Steve & Denise to discuss this French movie that took the film world by storm. Is it too cute for it’s own good?

How fun is quirky?

Is this the antithesis of the cringe humor trend?

Can anyone else wear Amelie’s hair?

Could anyone else have played this role?

Is this a chick flick?

Do we need to call doctors “Dr…”?

All these questions and way more get answered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club!

Amelie on IMDB

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The most polarizing film we’ve come across on our countdown yet! Stanley Kubrick makes his 3rd appearance on the Mazan Movie Club and not everyone is happy about it.

Are any WOMEN a fan of this movie?

Is Stanley Kubrick a fan of ANY women?

What genre would you put this in?

Is this a young man’s movie?

Why does some guy at Starbuck’s jump into our conversation? Did that guy just invent “Pod-Bombing”?

Horror Fan/Writer/Blogger Josh Soriano, and fellow cinephile and repeat guest Rick Ramos, join Steve Mazan to answer all this and more.

“A Clockwork Orange” on IMDB

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Rick Ramos and his Podcast

David Lean’s 1962 Best Picture winner gets the movie club treatment, and a lot of clubbers list this as one of their favorites: “Lawrence of Arabia”

Lawrence gets asked, “Who are you”…but we ask where are all the women?

Is three and a half hours too long for a movie? Do we need an intermission for the on demand video version?

Should Lawrence have told the Arabs they were pronouncing his name wrong?

Was Lawrence a traitor? Does it matter?

Do you need to see this on the big screen?

Is the Irish Critic a pushover for a handsome man?

Is Arabia any different from the hundred years ago these events took place, or the 50yrs since the movie was made?

Should this film be way closer to the top than #83?

All these questions and more get covered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club with returning favorite guest Reese Golchin, Denise Mazan and Steve Mazan.

“Lawrence of Arabia” on IMDB

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Hosts Steve Mazan and Denise Mazan use Billy Wilder’s “Double Indemnity” as a jumping off point to discuss the entire film noir category. Denise thinks she doesn’t like the genre, but is it just B&W films she doesn’t?

Why does everyone think “Double Jeopardy” is a remake of this?

Is Barbara Stanwyck sexy or handsome?

Are Fred Macmurray and Edward G. Robinson really in love with each other?

Should you always watch a movie til the end? And what DVD did Denise break in the middle of watching it?

All these questions and a lot more are answered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club!

“Double Indemnity” on IMDB

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Is this Jim Carrey’s best serious role?

Would you wanna be in a serious relationship with Kate Winslet’s wacky character?

Can you believe the Hulk is in this?

Should a movie immediately be on your best list if you got a surprise handjob while watching it?

Tim Mingus joins host Steve Mazan to answer all these questions and many more. Steve hadn’t seen the movie in a few years but remembered it being in his personal top 10. Did rewatching it change that placement?

All is covered in this magical but hard to classify Charlie Kaufman/Michel Gondry film from 2004, #85 on IMDB “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”

“Eternal Sunshine” on IMDB

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MMC #87 “To Kill a Mockingbird”

The classic American Novel from Harper comes to the big screen! Can it possibly be better than the book?

Is Atticus the father you’d want to be? Is childhood like this anymore? What’s Boo Radley’s deal? Is John Grisham a copycat?

Comedian Heath Harmison joins Steve at sea to discuss this and everything else “To  Kill a Mockingbird”

To Kill a Mockingbird on IMDB

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Why is this movie titled “Amadeus”? Why use Mozart’s middle name? Why not “Mozart”? Why not “Wolfgang”? Hell, why not “Salieri”?

Milos Forman makes his 1st of two appearances on IMDB’s Top 100 list. Making a 2nd appearance is guest Reese Golchin who joins Steve and Denise Mazan live to discuss this 1984 Best Picture winner.

It won 8 Oscars including Picture, Director, Actor and Screenplay.  But should it be in the Top 100 of all time?

Is the Irish critic injured somewhere? Do we have MMC members in the Philippines?

All these questions and way more are discussed on a Facebook Live edition of The Mazan Movie Club.

Amadeus on IMDB

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