Jan 2018 03

The movie that’s almost as famous for its making as for what ended up onscreen. And what ended up onscreen was amazing. Joseph Conrad’s journey into madness brought to the Vietnam War by director Francis Ford Coppola. Our guest first time viewer Calvin Murata.

Why was Martin Sheen billed third in this?

Was Robert Duvall ever better than this?

Does this movie somehow make war look beautiful?

Did Brando ruin this movie?

Was a Redux necessary?

Is Napalm the smell of victory?

All these questions and a whole lot more get covered on this episode of the Mazan Movie Club.

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Dec 2017 18

Christian Sanchez returns to the podcast to discuss one of his favorite movies with Steve & Denise: 1979’s “Alien” from Ridley Scott.

Is this more horror than sci-fi?

Is Ripley the most bad-ass female action hero on film?

Did the Alien in this movie start the “grill” teeth craze?

What’s worse: Alien blood OR Cat Piss?

Is the sequel even better?

All these questions and more get answered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club.

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Dec 2017 09

We cover a war movie from a war zone. Live from a tour in Iraq & Kuwait, Steve and a group of comics give Kubrick’s cold war satire the MMC treatment.  With comedians: Jose Sarduy, Benari Poulten, Ralph Figueroa and PJ Walsh.

Did this movie trump “Failsafe”?

Did George C. Scott steal the movie from Peter Sellers?

How do you answer to the Coca Cola company?

Should there be MORE comedy in this?

What does this all have to do with “Bloodsport”?

All these questions and more get covered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club.

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Dec 2017 09

Steve and The Irish Critic do a double episode on Billy Wilder’s “Sunset Boulevard” and Chaplin’s “The Great Dictator”…

Is Sunset Blvd the best film noir movie ever?

Does Chaplin deliver one of the greatest movie speeches ever?

What, surprisingly, do these two films have in common?

Can Steve get The Irish Critic to give a suggested porn title for once?

All these questions and a whole lot more get answered in this episode of the Mazan Movie Club!

Nov 2017 14

The magical 1988 Best Foreign Film Oscar Winner “Cinema Paradiso” hits the Club. Steve rewatches it with first time viewer Denise, and they check in with The Irish Critic for her recent viewing.

How come a foreign film ends up in so many people’s Top 5?

Is this just a love story about film?

Is the humor kinda slapstick?

What makes a great movie kiss?

Did the kid steal the show?

Is it ever appropriate to wink at a kid?

All these questions and more get answered on this week’s episode.

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