Nov 2017 14

The magical 1988 Best Foreign Film Oscar Winner “Cinema Paradiso” hits the Club. Steve rewatches it with first time viewer Denise, and they check in with The Irish Critic for her recent viewing.

How come a foreign film ends up in so many people’s Top 5?

Is this just a love story about film?

Is the humor kinda slapstick?

What makes a great movie kiss?

Did the kid steal the show?

Is it ever appropriate to wink at a kid?

All these questions and more get answered on this week’s episode.

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Wink Joke on Gotham Live

Nov 2017 07

Listen in like the main character of this Oscar Winner. “The Lives of Others” from 2006.  It’s available here or on itunes. And it’s got one of the great last lines of a movie. Enjoy.

Oct 2017 23

Steve and a big group screen possibly the most analyzed movie of all time, Kubrick’s “The Shining”. Then theories, opinions and jokes abound.

Is Shelly Duvall a looker?

Did Jack do more than pull Danny’s arm?

Did we land on the moon? And if not, did Kubrick fake it?

What the hell was the guy in the Bear costume doing?

Why don’t they make Big Wheels for adults?

All these questions and more get covered!

Oct 2017 23

Back to back Kubrick on IMDB’s list this week with his 1957 film “Paths of Glory.” It’s early but are signs of his genius already here? Returning guest Eric Toms discusses it fresh off a screening. Plus: The Irish Critic.

Is there such thing as a Pro-war Film?

Is Kubrick getting steadicam results 20 years before it was invented?

How sexy is Kirk Douglas’ clef?

Is it cool to marry the only woman in the cast, or creepy?

Would the ending have been the same if made today?

All these questions and more on this week’s MMC.

Oct 2017 13

Our first Japanese Anime on the list, Hayao Miyazaki’s 1997 film “Princess Mononoke.” MMC friend of the show Cornelius Burroughs chimes in on his love of this movie, and Steve gives it a watch for the first time.

Is a foreign film better dubbed or with original voices and subtitles?

Is there any other film hero like Ashitaka?

Who wouldn’t want to be raised by wolves?

How lucky are we that this wasn’t Miyazaki’s last film?

All these questions and a lot more are answered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club.