Mar 2017 27

Stanley Kubrick makes his 2nd appearance on the list…or is it his 2nd and 3rd because this is really two movies mushed into one? Do YOU like both halves?

The Irish Critic (Steve’s Mom) is in studio for the critique of this Kubrick masterpiece(?). Denise Mazan joins in too, fresh off a viewing of the 1987 Vietnam War movie.

Was Matthew Modine miscast? Was anyone ever more perfectly cast than R. Lee Ermey? How was Vincent D’Onofrio NOT nominated for an Oscar for this breakout role? Why in the hell are there so many cartoon characters in this war movie? Steve has a theory about that last one.

Love it or not, Kubrick gives those in studio and Mazan Movie Club members chiming in at home plenty to talk about. This episode dedicated to Mary-Jane Rottencrotch.

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Mar 2017 20

Mazan Movie Club’s Podcast

MMC #91 “The Sting”

Released: Mar 21, 2017

Have two better looking guys ever starred together in a movie than Robert Redford & Paul Newman in “The Sting”?

Are Newman & Redford the best male pairing ever on screen?

Is this the best heist/con-movie ever?

Comedian Cash Levy joins Denise Mazan and host Steve Mazan in discussing this 1973 classic that brings George Roy Hill back to direct his old friends Butch & Sundance. Is this re-pairing better than the first?

So many questions. Lots of answers and laughs from the guests and regular Mazan Movie Club members.

IMDB Top Movies: “The Sting”

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Mar 2017 12

Is “2001” another of Kubrick’s masterpieces? Or a long, boring, tedious film?  We’ve got feelings on both sides this week.

The Irish Critic has her most opinionated review yet. And Mazan Movie Club members chime in on all angles. But on the LIVE recording we’ve got comedians Lang Parker from Last Comic Standing, James P. Connolly from Sirius/XM and Sam Demaris who is one of “Funny or Die’s 15 Comics to Watch” all joining Steve from their comedy road trip.

What the hell is this movie about? Does it matter? Were the predictions dead on or way off? What’s up with that giant baby? Listen in and laugh along.

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Mar 2017 07

Our first musical! Dancer Alicia Stoner joins Steve & Denise Mazan to sing & tap our way thru 1952’s “Singin’ in the Rain.” It’s #93 on the IMDB Top Movie list…should it be higher? Is this the best musical of all time?

Mazan Movie Club members join in live as well as send in some critiques that we share “on-air.” Perhaps unsurprisingly everyone has a different favorite number in this movie…even our dog Kuma!

“When Harry Met Sally” “Clue” & “Grease” get thrown into the discussion, as well as how good looking Gene Kelly is. And how tall. Listen in & chime in.

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Feb 2017 28

The first animated movie on the list, 1995’s groundbreaking “Toy Story”! Denise Mazan joins Steve, along with lots of MMC members chiming in LIVE. Other firsts, sure to show up again, on the list: Tom Hanks, Pixar and a great song by Randy Newman.

Which toys did you have that were in the movie? Where are all the fathers in this movie? Were the toys pretending when Andy was with them, or when he wasn’t? Was Syd and his taste in Heavy Metal unfairly maligned?  All these questions get answered. Kind of.

Is this animated masterpiece the 94th best movie ever? (HINT: Steve thinks it should be way higher)

Toy Story: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0114709/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

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