Feb 2018 09

Squeaker Christian Sanchez gives “Whiplash” a reluctant first watch and then talks about it. As a drummer he’s got some unique insight. The Irish Critic, who took Steve to see this, calls in too.

Do you need to suffer to be great?

Are happiness and true creative success exclusive?

Is J.K. Simmons somehow still underrated?

Would you apologize to someone who hit you with popcorn?

Can Damien Chazelle keep this streak up?

Who puts raisinets in popcorn?

All these questions and more get answered on this week’s episode.

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Jan 2018 30

Denise returns to the podcast to discuss the highest rated Disney animated movie on IMDb….1994’s “The Lion King”….is this laughable? Or is it all about money?

Is this cartoon original or Shakespeare?

Would the casting be racist today?

Was the day after your dad’s death too early to sing “Hakuna Matata”?

How many better Disney movies can you list?

All these questions and more get answered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club.

“The Lion King” on IMDB

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Jan 2018 24


Theories abound on this episode of the MMC as Cash Levy returns to discuss his favorite movie, Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige”

Is this the one with Paul Giamatti? Or Wolverine & Batman?

Does Christopher Nolan play a trick on the audience?

Is Christian Bale a set of twins or a clone?

Has Michael Cain ever been better? Or more sinister?

How come no one can make a good stand-up movie?

All these questions and more get answered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club!

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Jan 2018 24

From Korea! On tour with comics Tom Foss and Gary Brightwell we watch and discuss Nolan’s breakthrough movie “Memento”.

Is this movie awesome or frustrating?

Does the editor of the movie now reside in the nuthouse?

Is Joey Pants ever bad?

Is the movie strangely prophetic about today’s fake news?

Why can’t Matt Damon put on a fake mustache and what does that have to do with this?

All these questions and more are answered on this week’s movie club.

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Jan 2018 03

The movie that’s almost as famous for its making as for what ended up onscreen. And what ended up onscreen was amazing. Joseph Conrad’s journey into madness brought to the Vietnam War by director Francis Ford Coppola. Our guest first time viewer Calvin Murata.

Why was Martin Sheen billed third in this?

Was Robert Duvall ever better than this?

Does this movie somehow make war look beautiful?

Did Brando ruin this movie?

Was a Redux necessary?

Is Napalm the smell of victory?

All these questions and a whole lot more get covered on this episode of the Mazan Movie Club.

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