Sep 2017 01

From the road Steve brings in the family to discuss the great female hero, Ripley, and her continued butt-kicking in the fantastic sequel “Aliens” from James Cameron in 1986. #66 on IMDB. With The Irish Critic & Cathy Mazan.

Was “Newt” too cute or just cute enough?

Is Sigourney Weaver beautiful?

Can aliens use elevators?

How much do we miss Bill Paxton?

Is this better than the original?

Is this the perfect movie?

All these questions and more get answered on this week’s episode.

“Aliens” on IMDB

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Aug 2017 30

Incest. Fighting. Torture. Mystery. Bad Hair. It’s 2003’s “Oldboy” from Korea and Comedian Lee Levine joins Steve, Denise Mazan and the Irish critic to discuss it all.

Is this the worst kung-fu movie ever?

How amazing are the visuals in this movie?

Would you have sex with relative if they were reeeeealllllly hot?

Is hypnosis the best plot-hole filler ever?

How would you last in 15yrs of isolation?

Did the villian really overreact?

All these questions and a whole lot more are covered in this week’s Mazan Movie Club.

“Oldboy” on IMDB

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Aug 2017 07

I’m a comedian now. But in my early 20’s I was a submariner in the U.S. Navy.  Life sure was different. I talk about that a bit on this week’s Mazan Movie Club since because the film is “Das Boot.”  Details below…

We got a real submariner for this show! Well, to be fair we have a real submariner for every show. Bubblehead & Host Steve Mazan watches “Das Boot” with the hilarious and insightful comedian Cash Levy.

Which was longer, WWII or the version of “Das Boot” Cash & Steve watched?

Who had it tougher, bubblehead Steve in his brand new Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine in Puerto Rico OR the German U-boat crew of U-96 in 1941?

How much rum can you put in a torpedo tube?

How amazing are Wolfgang Petersen and the captain Jurgen Prochnow?

All these questions are answered plus we get great commentary from MMC members and an unexpected review from the Irish Critic.

“Das Boot” on IMDB

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Jul 2017 31

How do you feel about Ewoks? That probably gives us the answer to if you like this final installment in the original trilogy.

We did a live screening of “Return of the Jedi” in host Steve Mazan’s backyard… and then had a big group discussion with Denise Mazan, Lee Levine, Gary Cannon, Paul Morrissey, Steve Halasz, Heidi Llovett, Erica Mlot, Rick Ramos and Aaron Michael Marsh.

Does loving Ewoks make you a woman?

When did Boba Fett turn into Jack Tripper?

Can Lucas just take his damn hands off everything?

Can you ever have too much Death Star?

Should Vader be fat-shamed?

All these questions and more are covered on this week’s episode. With LOTS of opinions from Mazan Movie Club members like YOU thrown in.

“Return of the Jedi” on IMDB

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Jul 2017 28

Hey Cleveland! I’m coming back and bringing some laughs with me. I’ll be performing to raise money for autism research.

There’s also some golfing and eating to do. It’s August 12th in Parma.

I’ve got so many great memories of Cleveland and can’t wait to be back. Hope to see you all there!