Sep 2014 19

I’m in Canada right now and having a blast!

This is my second trip to make our neighbors to the north laugh, and everyone is just as nice as you hear.

But what makes this trip special are the shows that I am doing. Starting earlier this week and continuing over the next ten days I’m performing at a number of fundraising events. These are some of my favorite shows to do because we end up raising a bunch of money for some great causes and making a lot of people laugh along the way.


We started with a super fun show for the Alberta Cerebral Palsy Association, and followed up with a standing room only performance for a breast cancer fund in Edson (photo above). Next week we do some more cancer events as well as some shows for animal shelters. Obviously the cancer events are close to my heart (or more specifically my liver-ha ha) but truly all these fundraising events are an honor to perform at. I love making people laugh, and if it’s for a great cause, even better. Plus the audiences that come out for these events are amazing. They are equally supportive with their laughter and it’s always a fun night.

I see why so many groups are going the route of having comedy at their event. Everyone leaves happy!

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