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I’m a comedian now. But in my early 20’s I was a submariner in the U.S. Navy.  Life sure was different. I talk about that a bit on this week’s Mazan Movie Club since because the film is “Das Boot.”  Details below…

We got a real submariner for this show! Well, to be fair we have a real submariner for every show. Bubblehead & Host Steve Mazan watches “Das Boot” with the hilarious and insightful comedian Cash Levy.

Which was longer, WWII or the version of “Das Boot” Cash & Steve watched?

Who had it tougher, bubblehead Steve in his brand new Los Angeles Class Nuclear Submarine in Puerto Rico OR the German U-boat crew of U-96 in 1941?

How much rum can you put in a torpedo tube?

How amazing are Wolfgang Petersen and the captain Jurgen Prochnow?

All these questions are answered plus we get great commentary from MMC members and an unexpected review from the Irish Critic.

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