Jul 2017 31

How do you feel about Ewoks? That probably gives us the answer to if you like this final installment in the original trilogy.

We did a live screening of “Return of the Jedi” in host Steve Mazan’s backyard… and then had a big group discussion with Denise Mazan, Lee Levine, Gary Cannon, Paul Morrissey, Steve Halasz, Heidi Llovett, Erica Mlot, Rick Ramos and Aaron Michael Marsh.

Does loving Ewoks make you a woman?

When did Boba Fett turn into Jack Tripper?

Can Lucas just take his damn hands off everything?

Can you ever have too much Death Star?

Should Vader be fat-shamed?

All these questions and more are covered on this week’s episode. With LOTS of opinions from Mazan Movie Club members like YOU thrown in.

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