Nov 2012 22

Hey Everyone,

Steve here. Hope the holiday season has been going well for you… from the scary costume you wore at Halloween to the Xmas tree you decorated the next day when the songs started.

Things have been busy on my end–which of course I’m grateful for in this economy. I’ve been doing a lot of corporate gigs and holiday parties as of late. Always happens at Christmastime. It’s fun to bring some laughs to these company events. I know for them it’s better entertainment than listening to Carl from accounting talk about his pigeons all night!

I received an early Xmas gift yesterday when my award-winning documentary “Dying to do Letterman” hit iTunes, OnDemand and Amazon! So excited to be able to share this with everyone. When we were winning awards on the festival circuit everyone kept asking when they could see it—but unless you lived near one of the dozens of festivals we visited you were out of luck. Well now you’re back in luck! You can see it in your home or on your computer!

All of this is making me feel very lucky too!

Happy Holidays and much laughter, Everyone!



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  1. Rico says:

    Hi Steve,

    I just finished watching your Dying to Do Letterman and I loved it! It’s the kind of documentary I love the most. That is, it follows its protagonist over an extended amount of time revealing their trials and tribulations. Now if you could only bottle your ambition, drive, and focus and sell it on EBay, you would be millionaire. Thanks for the tears, the laughs, and the triumphs!

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