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David Lean’s 1962 Best Picture winner gets the movie club treatment, and a lot of clubbers list this as one of their favorites: “Lawrence of Arabia”

Lawrence gets asked, “Who are you”…but we ask where are all the women?

Is three and a half hours too long for a movie? Do we need an intermission for the on demand video version?

Should Lawrence have told the Arabs they were pronouncing his name wrong?

Was Lawrence a traitor? Does it matter?

Do you need to see this on the big screen?

Is the Irish Critic a pushover for a handsome man?

Is Arabia any different from the hundred years ago these events took place, or the 50yrs since the movie was made?

Should this film be way closer to the top than #83?

All these questions and more get covered on this week’s Mazan Movie Club with returning favorite guest Reese Golchin, Denise Mazan and Steve Mazan.

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