Jul 2017 11

Comedian Phil Palisoul joins the club to discuss a movie he guesstimates he’s seen 100 times: “North By Northwest.” Surprise, he loves it! He also loves “Jaws” & “Tombstone” so we love him too.

Was Cary Grant still a hunk at 55? Was Eva Marie Saint a floozy in the late 50’s at age 33?

Was the ending cheesy OR was the whole movie cheesy?

Did Denise fly in a cropduster to school?

What’s up with all the alcohol in this movie?

Was Martin Landau gay in this movie? Was Hitch in drag in this movie?

If the dialogue is sooo good and snappy why was that little kid in the background plugging his ears?

We discuss all this and a whole lot more on this week’s “Mazan Movie Club”



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