Steve’s inspiring story of battling cancer while trying to reach his ultimate dream of performing on the David Letterman show lead to an award-winning documentary and a book from the same publishers of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series. It’s also lead to many requests to have Steve come and share his uplifting story.

Not only has Steve given motivational talks to corporate groups, retreats and cancer wellness centers, but he has been invited twice to give talks at the prestigious TED talks events.

When Steve combines his gifts as a comedian with his uplifting storytelling, crowds get something not often found in presentational & motivational speakers today: Heart AND Humor in one.

Looking for a speaker to motivate your team or provide some passion to your event, but don’t want them to fall asleep with the same old boring cliches? Then have Steve come give them some much needed laughter with a message that will energize them.