May 2017 15

MMC #83 ¬† Travis Bickle joins the podcast…temporarily. Then Comedian Lee Levine jumps in to review and discuss “Taxi Driver” after watching it for the first time.

Host Steve Mazan and Lee try and figure out why Travis owed that black driver five bucks. Was Travis a hero at all? Was he in Vietnam?

Are there people that think “Apocalypse Now” is pro-war?

Was it weird that there was sitcom called “Taxi” in production just a year after this?

How hot was Cybil Shepherd?

What’s up with that ending?

What does Mr. T. Have to do with all of this?

Scorsese follows up “Mean Streets” in style and even more grit and violence.

Plus our Movie Mazan Club members take the driver’s seat to chime in!

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