Steve spent almost six years in the United States Navy. Most of it aboard the USS Scranton, a fast-attack submarine. As exciting as it might seem in the movies Steve found it mostly boring. When he became a comedian he decided he would do his best to entertain as many military members as possible.

Over a decade into his career Steve has performed hundred of shows at military bases in the U.S., Japan, Korea, and all over Europe. But he is most proud of his eight trips to the Mid-East to perform for the troops there. They are risking their lives there and a few laughs to remind them of home is the least Steve could give back.

One of Steve’s favorite things is meeting an audience member back in the States who saw him perform overseas. “To know they made it home safe, keeps me smiling for days.” Steve says.

If you are an active duty military person, and would like to see Steve at one of his upcoming shows, please reach out via e-mail. If there is any way to get you into the show free, Steve will make it happen.

Thanks to all veterans for your service.