When not performing comedy, Steve loves writing for other projects. He’s won an Emmy for his time writing for Ellen Degeneres on her daytime show. One of his favorite memories is seeing Ellen delivering the first monologue he wrote for the show. He describes it as, “Surreal. To see one of the top 10 comics of all time delivering my lines. It was amazing.”

He’s also written for or contributed to the following:

— Multiple Stand-up Comedy specials
— Cashing in with TJ Miller
— YonderQuest
— “Foul Balls” feature screenplay
— Two original TED Talks
— “Dying to do Letterman” documentary narration
— “Dying to do Letterman” book from “Chicken Soup for the Soul” publishers
—  LA Weekly (episodic feature)
— “Late Night in the Afternoon” web series