Sep 2014 19

I’m in Canada right now and having a blast!

This is my second trip to make our neighbors to the north laugh, and everyone is just as nice as you hear.

But what makes this trip special are the shows that I am doing. Starting earlier this week and continuing over the next ten days I’m performing at a number of fundraising events. These are some of my favorite shows to do because we end up raising a bunch of money for some great causes and making a lot of people laugh along the way.


We started with a super fun show for the Alberta Cerebral Palsy Association, and followed up with a standing room only performance for a breast cancer fund in Edson (photo above). Next week we do some more cancer events as well as some shows for animal shelters. Obviously the cancer events are close to my heart (or more specifically my liver-ha ha) but truly all these fundraising events are an honor to perform at. I love making people laugh, and if it’s for a great cause, even better. Plus the audiences that come out for these events are amazing. They are equally supportive with their laughter and it’s always a fun night.

I see why so many groups are going the route of having comedy at their event. Everyone leaves happy!

Sep 2014 04

What a sad month for the comedy world.

First Robin Williams shocking suicide, and now the unexpected passing of Joan Rivers. Two comedy legends gone within a month. That’s a huge comedy vacuum in the icon threshold.

I was lucky to meet Robin Williams many times. Starting comedy in San Francisco it was hard not to cross paths with him on the scene. Even as one of the biggest stars in the world he’d still pop out to the clubs and open mics to work on his own act. Needless to say it was intimidating to be performing onstage and see one of the greatest minds in comedy walk in behind the audience. Robin was always kind and friendly. He never had an entourage and was incredibly approachable.

Undoubtedly my most treasured Robin memory was when he showed up at a screening of my documentary “Dying to do Letterman” when it was screening in Marin. Not only did he stay for the whole movie he came backstage and gushed about it afterward. The man whose movies I grew up watching was complimenting mine. Surreal. Watch Here.

I never had the privilege of meeting Joan Rivers but I always loved her humor. And I loved the way she made other people laugh. It was a different laugh–like they shouldn’t be laughing. It was caustic and in your face. I loved seeing my mom laugh when Joan hosted the Tonight Show. Every woman comic owes a debt to Joan Rivers. She earned the label comedian…not comedienne. She was as good as anyone.

Just as the angels in heaven get a pause from Robin’s non-stop jokes they will see Joan striding through the gates. I don’t envy their sides–they will be hurting for some time.


Mar 2013 23

Hey Friends & Fans,

Been touring a lot and doing a bunch of corporate shows and events. This past month found me in Minnesota for a fundraiser, back where I grew up in Illinois for some benefit shows for a great cancer charity, and in oregon for some regular old comedy club shows. Nice mix.

There’s a new look to my website and I’m still working out a few of the kinks. But I’m updating to so that I can share more stories and comedy with you–so thanks for the patience!

Hope this finds you coming out of the Winter warm and rested. I’ll be in the SF Bay Area and Sacramento as April kicks off, so if you’re nearby check my calendar and come get some laughs for Spring.


Dec 2012 21

Great Weekend Headlining Tacoma Comedy Club

Love this time of year!

Getting ready to break and go see the family. We’re going snowboarding in Idaho. Very Christmassy!

But first I’m wrapping up my first week at a great venue, the Tacoma Comedy Club. It’s a fun club and the crowds and staff are fantastic. I’m working with a great comic and friend Brian Moote, and a super funny host Mike Coletta. If you’re in the area let me know.

If you are one of the new fans I’ve made this week, don’t forget to find me on FACEBOOK and get your free CD download.

I also look forward to the end of the year as a chance to reflect on what’s transpired and what I hope to accomplish next year. 2012 has been a really up and down year. I got to perform a bunch of new places, and went back to the Mid-East to perform for the troops for the 8th time. The year also wrapped up with my award-winning documentary “Dying to do Letterman” being distributed and now being available on iTunes, Amazon, and OnDemand.

The flip-side of these career accomplishments were a few personal blows as the year wound down. In October my father passed away unexpectedly. A month later my father-in-law died too. I’m sure these are things that will shape the years to come.

What I do know in the aftermath of those experiences is that what I’ve been saying for years is more true than ever, “If you’re not chasing your dreams, you’re already dead.”

My health is good and I plan to make the most of it. I hope you make every second of 2013 and whatever time we all have left, COUNT!



Dec 2012 18


What a great month. In addition to all the fun of the holidays we finally released our award-winning documentary Dying to do Letterman!  It’s now on iTunes, Amazon, OnDemand and more!

We are getting great reviews. So cool to be finally sharing the movie after 7 plus years of working on this project.

My favorite part is hearing people who have been inspired by the film to start chasing their own dreams. It inspires me right back when I hear about people who stop waiting for SOMEDAY.

If you’ve already seen the film at film festival, or one of the theaters we showed in, thanks for your support. It allowed us to get to this point. If you’re just finding us on one of the digital outlets, welcome and thanks for sharing about it. Join us on Facebook for news about the film and Stand-Up shows.

In fact the filmmakers and I are aiming for 100 reviews on iTunes. There is an algorithm that allows us to come up in more searches with more reviews and ratings. So please stop by and help us reach our goal…and more hearts.

Happy Holidays and hope 2012 is wrapping up well for you too!


Nov 2012 22

Hey Everyone,

Steve here. Hope the holiday season has been going well for you… from the scary costume you wore at Halloween to the Xmas tree you decorated the next day when the songs started.

Things have been busy on my end–which of course I’m grateful for in this economy. I’ve been doing a lot of corporate gigs and holiday parties as of late. Always happens at Christmastime. It’s fun to bring some laughs to these company events. I know for them it’s better entertainment than listening to Carl from accounting talk about his pigeons all night!

I received an early Xmas gift yesterday when my award-winning documentary “Dying to do Letterman” hit iTunes, OnDemand and Amazon! So excited to be able to share this with everyone. When we were winning awards on the festival circuit everyone kept asking when they could see it—but unless you lived near one of the dozens of festivals we visited you were out of luck. Well now you’re back in luck! You can see it in your home or on your computer!

All of this is making me feel very lucky too!

Happy Holidays and much laughter, Everyone!